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Gone are the days of chopping onions and blending spices. Our Paste helps you to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals. With very few simple steps, anyone can prepare a good meal for their family and guests.

Authentic Recipes

Our products are curated from Chefs from around the world. Now you can have an extraordinary selection of great tasting, highest quality local favourites to be prepared and cooked in your very own home or while travelling.

Travel Friendly

For a long time We’ve been advocating that you can save money and, frankly, eat better if you cook some of your own meals when you travel. How many soggy sandwiches, stale pizzas, and greasy, thin burgers can you really stand? Our products are sealed and boxed to prevent leakages.

100% Muslim owned & Hygienic

Our company is SMCCI 100% Muslim Owned and Operated thus we gain understanding of the Muslim customer’s beliefs, requirements and preferences. We complies with MESTI, worldwide Islamic Standards (MS 1500:2009) to meet the requirement of the Muslim community at International Safety and Health Standards and are striving for full certifications by 2020.

WHERE TO GET our products

Our Products are conveniently available at these retailers:

Our clients say

Kak jun punya rempah memang power.sbb saya dah cuba..sedap gila..hehehe.
Rosnah Hj Ibrahim
Memang tak rugi guna rempah ni. Saya punya dah tinggal berapa pkt aja
Siti Sadiah Kemat
I nak share something gd to you ! Hari Raya haji tu Nor Tak brape sihat tapi nak Masak lontong utk fam Nor Lah Nor betul2 weak Kak so Nor Tumis pakai Rempah sambal goreng Kak Jun masukkan santan dan daun limau , daun kunyit dan daun Salam terperanjat Nor Kak Kuah lodeh Nor punya Sedap yg heran nya Serai pun Nor Tak letak semua yg makan ckp sedap Nor ckp Nor pakai rempah Kak Jun dorang pun Heran Rempah Kak Jun da jadi rempah sebaguna ! Tkasih Kak jun InsyaAllah Rempah Kak Jun bleh gi jauh Kak
Noreen Aspar
Roti boyan power! Class!!
Zahrah Jaafar
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