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What cuisine do you normally associate with when a restaurant is given the name Mumtaz? Most people will think about Indian or Pakistani cuisine.

What about Balqis also known as the Queen of Sheba who is a queen regnant and famous of her tales of visit to King Solomon, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Orient?

Not only was she the Queen of Ethiopia and Egypt, but also the queen of Arabia. Therefore Middle Eastern cuisine will be first thing on your mind.

Balqis the Bistro was open in 2014 to introduce Middle Eastern cuisine to the local population at affordable prices with localised twist.



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Balqis The Bistro serves authentic middle eastern rice dishes such as Mandi (Men-Dee/ المندي), Majboos (Mach-Būs/ مكبوس‎) and Bukhari (Boo-kha-ri/ بخاري)which is served with either Chicken or Mutton Kuzi (Ghoo-Zi/قوزي) and Sahawiq (Sa-Ha-Week/ سحاوق ) aka Middle Eastern salsa



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So what are you waiting for, to experience the true taste of the middle eastern dining regardless of the hour, So head down to Balqis the Bistro where you will be serenaded with popular Arabian tunes from the region. You are always welcome to come and visit levitra generic us at our humble little buy phentermine bistro.

430 Upper Changi Road, #01-04, Singapore

8545 0132